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Residential Service Plan

What Do You Get?

Initial Computer Tune Up
One FREE home visit every year for your computer. We will help with virus and spyware cleaning, optimization of start-up programs and repair of software errors with Service Plan. 

Free Remote Rescue
Remote access help to easily connect with a Grace Technology technician over the Internet for immediate support when you need it. No cost for the first 30 minutes per month with Service Plan.

Residential Service Plan:

Residential Remote Service Agreement: $29.99 

Remote Service for home users. With this service customers will be able to request a remote technician to perform quick diagnostic checks, simple computer clean up and maintenance or even virus removal. As long at the computer is connected to the internet you can use Grace Technology Remote Services. This service allows a customer to get their computer fixed at home without having to bring it in to the shop. The way the service works is the customer will make a request for a remote technician take control of their computer using the Service Request 615-280-0566. The customer will be directed to download our Remote Services Software. Once the tech has control of the unit, they will proceed to repair the unit without any interaction from the customer.*

Once the service or repair is complete the remote technician will call the customer to inform them that the unit is ready. The total number of units for this service is 2 computers. Customers with more than 2 computers need to purchase additional Service agreement at $7.99 per computer. * The customer must be home during the service. On rare occasions a unit may not fully reconnect to the service. In the even that the unit does not reconnect the technician will call the customer and ask the customer to please assist in getting the unit back online. If the computer is unable to connect to the internet the customer can get local help at their own expense to restore the internet connection. Remote service requires a working internet connection.

** This service allows for one computer per-day. It is subject to availability. If the Remote Technician is booked for the day the customers request will be placed at the next available open appointment. Remote requests made after 2:00 PM may be scheduled for the following business day.

Monthly Residential Remote Service Agreement with 2 remote visits:
The first computer is just $29.99 per month. Additional computers are $7.99 each per month.

**Without a Service Plan you would pay $100.00 hr. & a $50.00 trip fee. or $50.00 per hr in shop. 

**All Remote service packages must-have Internet at the location where the computer is in need of service.

** Monthly service visits do not rollover if you do not use them. 


• Agreement term is 28 months. Early cancellation fee is $449.
• Automatic Billing
• Automatic monthly credit card billing (V/MC/DISC). Billing will continue month to month after the initial 12 months until customer cancels.

Getting Started
Simply call Grace Technology at (615) 280-0566. We will schedule a time to come sign the agreement and perform initial cleaning.