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Service Highlights

A Grace Technology Agent will come to your home or office and professionally install your computer system, tablet, mobile device or net-workable device, or the Agent can diagnose software or hardware issues on one computer system or device. The Agent will also show you how to use your new technology, and you'll have the opportunity to discuss any questions you have.

A Grace Technology tech will review your computing needs and the devices you already have, then make recommendations that help you create your perfect computing solution.

What is Included

A Grace Technology Tech Will:

• Come to your home
• Listen as you describe the computing needs you have
• Review your current devices, software, and usage, including:
• Security software
• Data back-up plan
• Network setup and devices
• Content-sharing needs
• Media sources

Recommend integration options, upgrades and additional devices. 
Approximate time to complete: 1 hour for $50.00 with no trip fee add!!!!

This service does not include installation or setup of any devices or software. Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas.

Package Features
Device setup service includes: Connection and initial setup of one computer system, tablet, or mobile device.

Hardware installation service includes: Installation and configuration of one hardware device (hard drive, optical drive, internal card, MP3 player, scanner, printer, etc.) on one computer. Plus a $50.00 trip fee.