Most frequent computer problem and solution: Viruses. 


A. Do not underestimate a virus. If you notice a suspicious program that you did not install, especially if it pops up warning about viruses or malware and/or asks for money, immediately run your antivirus protection of choice. (Social networks are notorious for being virus packed.)

B. Always make sure you have an antivirus program installed on your computer. Make sure that the program you choose is frequently updated and run on your computer. (Our recommendations are Avast! Antivirus or AVGThese programs are both free and user friendly).

C. If for any reason you cannot get rid of a virus infection, do not look to the internet for help. Online programs that promise to speed your computer up, clean your registry, and get rid of all viruses, do more damage than good. Call us to help you!  We can remote access your computer to assist you quickly. (Avoid calling places like big box stores. You may be overcharged and chances are you will end up visiting a privately owned computer store to fix problems they can't/don't.) 


Computer performance frustration and solution: Slow down.

A. Antivirus programs are incredibly important, but they have a downside. Most antivirus programs are large, so they use a lot of your computers resources to run.  You should never have more than one antivirus program on your computer at a time. Having more than one will dramatically slow your computer down, and leave you vulnerable to more infection.

B. When your computer slows down, there can be many causes and many solutions. For starters you may need to add ram (memory.) Memory is often confused for the hard drive, however the space on the hard drive does not determine how fast your computer operates. If your computer is slow, your first step should be to find out if your memory can be upgraded. has a tool that will allow you to do this free of charge. Next, check prices, if you decide to order the memory online, at a site like, you could pay anywhere between $15 – $30 depending on the type and size of ram (memory) you need. The same type and size at a computer chain store, may be double that price or more. The mark up on memory is usually over 100%. Summary, buy the memory yourself (double check that you are buying the right type and size), then call us and ask how much we would charge to install it for you. Installing memory is quick and easy so we can do it inexpensively.

C. Did you know whenever you turn on your computer, little pieces of the programs on your computer start up as well? It’s true!  When a program starts up with your computer, it slows down the start up time. This can be fixed quite easily.  Call us to help you! It will be cheaper than adding new memory or wiping/redoing a PC.

Run Disk Cleanup

Go “Start” “Programs” “Accessories” and “Disk Cleanup”.  Make sure all the boxes are checked and click ok, That’s it!  You may also want to download a favorite program of mine, Ccleaner from  This free program will really help keep your hard drive and registry (system file) clean and optimized!
Defrag. Defrag. Defrag.
A “must” for busy PC users, made simple. Here’s how: Regular defragmentation can improve your machine’s hard drive performance by massive amounts. To begin defragging, right-click your hard drive in My Computer, select Properties, go to the Tools tab, then click defrag.  Again, use the default, or download Smart Defrag from  This will defrag and optimize your hard drive.  You can schedule it for early morning hours, so it works while you sleep!  Do this every month and you’ll enjoy smooth sailing. 

Turn off unnecessary "eye-candy" 

First right click on "My Computer" and click on "Properties", then switch to the tab labled "Advanced", from there go click on "Settings" under the "Performance" heading. Now it’s easy, just click "Adjust For Best Performance". If you want a little style on your PC, check the bottom six boxes starting with "smooth edges of screen fonts". That’s it! Now close out of System Properties by clicking on "OK".


Final tips: Protect and Prevent. 

Take care of your PC, research upgrades, avoid viruses and program our number in your phone for the times when you need quick, inexpensive assistance. The Bible reminds us that if we put unholy things, garbage into our minds, that is what will start to come out. Same thing with PC’s. If we fill it up with garbage and visit pages that are filled with unholy images and words, viruses will pile up and the computer will crash.