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Computer Monthly Maintenance Service for Business and Residential

Outsourcing your company’s network management can save your business time and money. With outsourcing, your company can leverage the full potential of its technical assets without the need to employ in-house technicians.

Services Offered:
We offer a variety of computer repair and restoration services.

We are a full service Computer Repair Company that offers competitive rates for diagnosing and repairing any brand of desktop and laptop computers.

Our services include, but not limited to, virus, spyware, and malware removal, Data Backup, Data Recovery, Hardware Upgrades, and any other computer repair or rebuilding needs that you may have.

You will appreciate our honesty and reliability. We certify a no pressure-stress free experience, and we'll clearly communicate with you during the entire repair process. Whether it is for general computer repairs, cleaning, or installing upgrades, Grace Technology is here to help!

We can do all of the above mentioned services and more in house at your business location!

We also offer competitive packages for monthly maintenance for businesses to better fit all your needs.

We offer extended maintenance contracts, so that business clients can deal with technical support and repair needs as a single line-item expense, rather than having to plan for unexpected crashes and problems with a rainy-day fund they may never use. Our maintenance contracts provide peace of mind for the customer by not having to worry about their IT needs, because we are taking care of it!

Our plans are quite simple, however extremely effective. Contact us to see which plan fits your company's needs.

Our technicians are greatly experienced in their fields, so let us come out to your business and take care of your computer repair needs.

Our Monthly Customers

If you would like us to perform this kind of maintenance regularly, please contact us. Grace Technology provides a monthly professional computer maintenance service to businesses and residential to keep all your computer equipment in good condition. This service will help you to prevent:
• Loss of information 
• Computer breakdowns 
• Work downtime 
• Costly repairs

Monthly Services
Every month there will be a scheduled visit to perform a maintenance service on your computers. For every computer, we will perform the following services:

• Updating Antivirus and Antispyware software to keep you protected 
• Installation of Windows Updates and Patches 
• Removing unnecessary files that take away disk space from your computer 
• Virus and spyware check and removal 
• Performance check to verify if the computer needs a hardware upgrade to work better 
• General software check to verify that all programs are updated 
• Verify the connectivity of the computer to the network 
• External computer cleaning

Additional Monthly Activities
• Verify that any UPS (battery) is working properly 
• Check the proper functioning of any backup system 
• Verify that any network printers are working properly

Additional On-Site Service Hours Included
In addition to your scheduled visit, every month we will provide you with additional hours of support that you may use when you need them. Just give us a call and we will help you solve any new problems with your computers or network.

Additional Services Included
• Discounts when purchasing any parts 
• Recycling services will be provided free for applicable computer equipment 
• Remote support. We can connect to your computer and attempt to repair the issue remotely 
• Phone support 
• Priority response to service requests 
• Set up computer power saving features to save energy costs 
• Ensure computers are protected against power failures (outages, blackouts) if required
• Periodically remove dust from inside the computer case

Record Keeping Of All Services Performed

Every activity we perform on any visit is recorded in a history file dedicated specially for you. The services are recorded for each computer. This helps us to keep track of every service performed to each computer and make better decisions when doing repairs or upgrades.

The monthly fee will be determined according to the following:
• Number of computers 
• If the network uses a server 
• If the network is a domain or a work-group 
• Number of printers

If you are interested in this Monthly Maintenance Plan for Business, Church or Residential, please contact us.

Contact us anytime at (615) 280-0566 to keep your computers in good condition with our affordable monthly maintenance plans.