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Features That Make Sense

100% Up-time Network

Our geographically redundant network enables us to provide unchallenged availability. Moreover, it means your email is safe with us. We realize that when email stops, business stops. That's why Post-Layer decided downtime is simply not an option. We've made a substantial investment building a fully redundant network using only the highest grade of carriers and facilities. Our efforts enable us to offer you a 100% up-time guarantee.

Real-time Protection

With our instant outbreak detection technology, our network can respond to new threats as they emerge. There's no racing to write patterns and deploy them across our network, leaving you vulnerable in the meantime. Moreover, our solution enables us to achieve some of the highest capture rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

Advanced Reporting & Exporting

Post-Layer's Dashboard and Log Discovery interfaces provide a way for you to analyze your mail-flow in real-time. If a message has entered the Post-Layer network it's simple to find how Post-Layer classified the message, why, and where the message is now.

Cloud Quarantine Storage

Keep junk messages where they belong - outside your network. And with features like our RSS-Powered Quarantine Feeds, users can search for and manage quarantined messages from inside their own mail client instantly.

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