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Email Or Software Troubleshooting

Service Highlights

Get your all-important email up and running again on your computer. An Agent will remotely repair, configure and update your existing email software so you're back in touch with your inbox. (Software not included.)

Product Features

A Grace Technology Agent will:
• Troubleshoot your email
• Diagnose and repair issues with your email application
• Test your email program to ensure proper functionality, Requires a working high-speed Internet connection, an active email account and email password(s)


Excludes cost of software and/or software installation, virus removal, data backup, and additional or unrelated services.

Service Highlights An Agent will remotely configure your essential software to eliminate errors and performance issues and ensure that everything is running as it should.

Product Features

A Grace Technology Agent will:
• Repair, troubleshoot or reinstall one software title (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Quicken, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)
• Properly configure software settings

Requires a working high-speed Internet connection and proof of software usage rights (product key, install disc, etc.)


Excludes virus removal, training and additional or unrelated services.