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Data Recovery


If your hard drive emits unusual noises (clicking, grinding or metal scraping), turn it off immediately! This symptom typically indicates a head crash that can destroy your data and reduce the options for a successful data recovery attempt.

Product Features

Work to be Performed by Agent 
Initiate your drive diagnostic for $40.00, which will determine the integrity of your data. If you proceed with the repair, this fee will be waived.

If data recovery is necessary, we will work to recover your data for a flat fee of $100.00. But if your drive is damage physically the drive will be shipped to the Data Recovery Division of Grace Technology for a full forensic diagnostic of the drive and integrity of the data. Actual recovery cost will vary depending on the condition of the data.

Recovered data will be returned in the original file/folder structure on separate good media when possible. Some situations will require the data be arranged differently after recovery due to extensive file system corruption or damage.

Additional charges may apply based on size of data and if external hard drive is needed to store recovered data.

Our dedicated and highly skilled Data Recovery agents are committed to making your technology life easier. An Agent will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan for your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data.

Most of the time, data loss is only temporary!
Call us now for a free consultation to evaluate your particular situation. We can help you decide what course of action to take and help relieve the panic and stress common in data loss situations.

Our highly trained staff is able to perform data recovery from storage devices that have experienced everything from file corruption, viral damage, file deletion, user error, and even the early stages of mechanical damage.

We Can Help With Transfer Memorable Voice Mails

It seems like those of us who grew up digital turn to text messaging and Facebook to announce exciting news, and most often, say happy birthday. But once in a while you get a voice mail from a friend or family member who cared enough to pick up the phone and wish you happy birthday.

Birthdays, engagements, promotions, dialing under the influence -- all of these occasions make for memorable and replay-worthy voice messages.

Carriers complicate the solution
If you want to keep these original messages, though, it's not easy. iPhone voice mails can be backed up to your computer with iTunes, but the audio files are stored in funky, unreadable formats that require some command line skills to decipher.

Android users don't have it easy, either. Unless your phone and provider are compatible with a service like T-Mobile's visual voice mail with forwarding, your voice mails live in your carrier's server -- not on your phone.

Transferring your voice mails is as easy as 1, 2, 3
To work around this issue, we have the tools and software, solutions that will help use extract the original voice mail audio from your phone and on to your computer or any other digital device. 

This service Falls under our flat rate fee of only $10 per phone. So if you have 1 or even 1,000 or more it will still be only $10.00 per phone.